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Hi everybody!

Abunai is over, but what a weekend! Friday was a relaxed day, since me and Proximus already arrived on Thursday evening. We still had some things to do on the shield but everything went just fine! Unfortunally I bumped my little toe and brushed it pretty severe. But with a lit of painkillers I managed to pull trough the weekend. Had much fun on Friday with Proximus, Kinzoku, Dalinxdust and Aniek (She even had made me a little present, a Zelda bracelet :D So amazing! Thank you again Aniek!) On Friday night me, Proximus and Erik, a friend of us, gave a ballroomworkshop. Went pretty well I guess! :D Hope everybody liked it :) Together with our friends, we attended the Ball later on.

Saturday was CAC day! We were in a hurry to get to the rehearsals in time, but managed to practice our act in time xD to bad it took so much time, so we didn't had much time to walk around the convention. In the afternoon the compo started. There were so many amazing acts! Our act went super smooth! Even better then in the rehearsal. People laughed about it so that's great xD eventually we even won the CAC! So happy! And thanks to all our friend who were supporting us! love you guys! :heart:

After the compo we had a shoot with Vincent Lee Fotografie, I already saw a preview, so cool! Later we wanted to attend a workshop but it was already full @_@ so we decided to go for a swim at the pool of the hotel. It was fun, and I even got to swim with a mermaid tail! Later that evening we went to Deshima where Akuro got to sing her song :)

Sunday was a calm but very very hot day. I went as Zelda but eventually I changed to my own clothes because it was so hot..

But it was an amazing weekend! Seeing a lot of friends, hanging around and such :) Thanks for all the fun everyone!!

You can watch the performance here: (Made by Arian_fotografie (thanx so much for sending this to us! :D) )

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PrincessPiranha Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Glad someone filmed your act. I didn't see it live and I didn't see the other acts, because the event room was already full D:
But watching this, no wonder you guys won. :) Great act, great pace, great acting and of course great costumes. Well deserved if you ask me!
Miharichu-Emi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you! I'm really glad to see it myself to :) I was so nervous I didn't even see what the others where doing on stage xD It always really cool to see your act back :P
ChristianPrime1-Bot Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats! Clap 
Miharichu-Emi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you ;)
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